[BlueOnyx:25187] RedHat 9 Beta released - BlueOnyx 5211R development started

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Thu Nov 4 01:14:00 -05 2021

Hi all,

RedHat released the Beta of the upcoming RedHat Enterprise Linux 9:


I've grabbed a copy of the DVDs and will play with them in the next
couple of days to get an early start on the development of a BlueOnyx
version for it. The next free number is 5211R, so that's what it'll
probably get.

With things being what they are with RedHat and CentOS we'll have to see
what kind of roadmap they have planned. It is likely that RedHat 9 will
be the stable release and that CentOS 9 will be their unstable
rolling-release testbed and that will just not be stable enough to base
critical infrastructure on.

But we can expect that (again) the guys at AlmaLinux and RockyLinux will
jump to the rescue and will provide true and just rebranded 1:1 carbon
copies for RHEL 9 sometime down the road. Same as they did for RHEL 8
when CentOS 8 was repurposed by their RedHat masters.

So BlueOnyx 5211R will most likely not be made with CentOS 9 in mind,
but rather an upcoming AlmaLinux 9 or RockyLinux 9.

Either way: I'll get started on BlueOnyx 5211R and we'll see where it
goes. If you hear loud grumbling and a frequent uttering of the German
word "SCHEISSE!" from somewhere near the equator? That'll be me, again
chasing more than 300 critically needed RPM dependencies that the RedHat
9 beta repositories don't carry yet. :p

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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