[BlueOnyx:01566] Re: Can't apply changes to DNS

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at webtent.net
Thu Jul 2 11:21:19 PET 2009

On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 08:58 -0600, Tony C. Loosle wrote:
> I had a similar problem.  Not with DNS but with editing a user.   try
> restarting the admserv   /etc/init.d/admserv restart   That may work
> as it did for me.  Strange cause even a reboot did not work the first
> time for me.

Spoke too soon, it does appear to be working now after the reboot. The
Apply Changes button still remains un-dimmed after applying and
re-entering the Primary records. But the changes do seem to be taking
effect now. This is the first time I've used BlueOnyx for DNS, does that
button not fade after successfully applying changes like BQ? Or, is
something still wrong?

Thanks for the help!

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