[BlueOnyx:01574] Active Monitor state changes

T. K. Hughes tommykeegan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 18:24:05 PET 2009

I have not idea on how to fix this,  A restart did nothing.  Have any ideas on how to get this to work. I can log into FTP but its slow.  But I keep getting emails about FTP not running.

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Active Monitor has detected recent changes in the state of your server appliance.
For more details, please see the Active Monitor section of the Server Desktop.

Summary of changes:

* The FTP server is not running and could not be restarted. In the Server Desktop, try turning the FTP server off then on again to see if this corrects the problem. If the FTP server is still unable to start, try rebooting the server itself by clicking the Reboot Now button in the Power menu under System Settings. If the FTP server is still unable to start, please refer http://BlueOnyx.it/ for technical support.

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