[BlueOnyx:01585] Re: tmp full!??!

Paul paul at planetcentral.net
Sat Jul 4 19:21:10 PET 2009

Ken Marcus - Precision Web Hosting, Inc. wrote:
>> Paul
>> What is you
>> cd   /tmp
>> and then
>> du -h
>> That should show you what is using the space. Then delete it or move it 
>> out
>> of there.
>> ----
>> Ken Marcus
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>> Precision Web Hosting, Inc.
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> Correction:
> When I wrote
> "What is you"
> I had meant to write
> "What if you"

Hi Ken,

Interesting - I now know that it's a database rebuild that i'm doing 
thats definately causing the issue, since. what i need to do is to 
increase the size of /tmp, or at least point /tmp to  - this is because 
of the size of the database, and that it's using all of the space on the 
drive. However it HAS to be done so i can start the board again! :(

I've tried using parted magic, however it doesnt really do whay i;ve 
been trying to do - it only comes up with the drive and bootloader - not 
any drives etc - i presume that it only looks at the overriding drives, 
not anything stored in them!


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