[BlueOnyx:01597] Re: tmp full!??!

Paul paul at planetcentral.net
Mon Jul 6 13:12:39 PET 2009

Ken Marcus - Precision Web Hosting, Inc. wrote:
> Paul
> It seems like there is a way to symlink  /tmp to  /home/tmp
> That might be the thing to do.
> According to an old post by Jes Kasper Klittum in a Jan 11 2007  BQ list 
> post:
> "If your /tmp/partition is too small, then you could unmount /tmp, remove
> the /tmp entry from /etc/fstab, then;
> mkdir /home/tmp
> ln -s /home/tmp /tmp
> chmod 1772 /home/tmp
> That would put /tmp on your /home partition, which is probably larger
> than your /tmp partition.
> "
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Many thanks Ken.

However after a Mail server Failure for the last 2 days on another 
machine, i've already started to re-install :(

So - since i'm about to re-install from scratch, Please could someone 
tell me how to manually adjust the /tmp partition size in BO??

Have tried to change the existing one in "self" config. I remove /tmp 
and /home, but trying to recreate anything fails stating that i have to 
input a mountpoint....(nothing else has one configured...)

I'll be looking to increase the /tmp to somewhere between 4 and 6 gig, 
whhich will get me over the problem hopefully!!!

Thanks guys again for all the help :)


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