[BlueOnyx:01627] Re: BO Listserver tagged as spam

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Fri Jul 10 12:10:07 PET 2009

Hi Steve,

> Barracuda Spam/Virus filters have email from BO List server tagged as Spam
> because the Reverse DNS (RPTR) does not match the name of the mail-server.

<cough>Barracuda?<cough> :o)

Well, let's see:

[root at tempest /]# nslookup blueonyx.it ; nslookup main.blueonyx.it
Name:   blueonyx.it

Name:   main.blueonyx.it

[root at tempest /]# nslookup     name = main.blueonyx.it.

Actually I don't see a problem there. 

The listserver sends as "main.blueonyx.it.", as you can see when you look at 
one of the headers of an email you get from the list. The reverse of the IP points to "main.blueonyx.it."

So we have a couple of A records covering all our "bases", a very correct PTR 
(thanks to Chris Gebhardt!)  and we have three MX records:

main.blueonyx.it  	--MX(30)--> 	www.blueonyx.it
www.blueonyx.it  	--MX(30)--> 	www.blueonyx.it
blueonyx.it  		--MX(30)--> 	www.blueonyx.it

That should do it all very nicely. No idea what cripes Barracuda has with that 

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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