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Steffan snoord at planet.nl
Mon Jul 13 06:09:35 PET 2009

Hello Michael,

Do i have to do something to activate the plugin

The file is there and i see the line in the config:
add_header all Relay-Country _RELAYCOUNTRY_

i enabled
   header          RELAYCOUNTRY_NL X-Relay-Countries =~ /NL/
   describe        RELAYCOUNTRY_NL Relayed through Netherlands
   score           RELAYCOUNTRY_NL 0.0

# For debugging:
   header          RELAYCOUNTRY_US X-Relay-Countries =~ /US/
   describe        RELAYCOUNTRY_US Relayed through USA
   score           RELAYCOUNTRY_US 0.0

but i dont see the line in the emailheaders

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Onderwerp: [BlueOnyx:01657] Re: filter email on language

Hi Steffan,

> Does anybody know a way (say procmail) to filter e-mail on language
> I like to seperate Dutch email from other language

That is something that can't really be done with enough relieably. The
is that you can't trust email clients to encode emails correctly or leave 
indications about what language may be found in the message body. In the end

you really need something that evaluates the text in the message body to
guesstimates (and they're really guesses!) about what language that is.

Which means those checks may sometimes be wrong. Chances are they're more 
often wrong on shorter emails (with less text to parse).

Just with Procmail alone this will thefore be rather complex, tricky and 
possibly unrelieable.

With SpamAssassin you could possibly get a functionality somehwere near what

you want to achieve.

In SpamAssassin you can define so called "accept_locales" (languages that
want to accept email in). If an email arrives for that user (or you can also

set it globally) in a language that is not OK'ed, then the mail will trigger

the rule CHARSET_FARAWAY. It may be possible to set up SpamAssassin to 
ok_lokale NL and use a procmail rule to move anything not having the 
CHARSET_FARAWAY to a specific folder destine for Dutch messages. How
SpamAssassin can detect Dutch messages I can't say.

Another option is to use the SpamAssassin plugin RelayCountry. Our AV-SPAM
and v5.1 use this since the latest update (3-4 days ago) to assign scores to

emails from China, Korea, Russia, Romania and a few other countries. If you 
have our AV-SPAM (I think you do), then check 
/etc/mail/spamassassin/country.cf for the existing syntax. It'll give you
ideas. You can add scores for additional countries, too. Like a negative
for messages originating in NL. But that method won't simply catch messages
Dutch language. It'll catch *any* message that originated on a mailserver in

the Netherlands - regardless if the message is in Dutch, English or whatever

other language.

But maybe someone else has another idea that helps you along.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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