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Hi Michael

The updated backup scheduling code doesn't appear to be available from the
YUM repository for Aventurin{e}.

Could there be a problem with my Aventurin{e} server accessing YUM?



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Hi Shane, hi Ken,

Shane wrote:
> Aventurin{e} has the option of backing up BlueOnyx VPS's to the local Node
> hard drive, and also remotely to another server.
> Does anyone know of a way to do daily backups to the local Node hard
> and to do weekly backups to a remote server?

Ken wrote:
> That would be a nice feature. Sometimes clients delete something and I 
> don't  see the email till the next day when it would be too late.

Yeah, I agree. I'll update the code so that the schedules for local and
backups can be defined individually, allowing you to space them further
or to run local or remote backup only on certain days.

Expect that update to hit the YUM repository sometime around this weekend.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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