[BlueOnyx:01692] Re: running with HP ProLiant DL360 G4 Server series

Rob Taylor blueonyx at uspec.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 03:05:16 PET 2009

--On 15 July 2009 08:30 +0100 "TUNC ERESEN Skype: eresen" <tunc at eresen.com> wrote:

> Everything running ok except!
> I am running it with DL360, I can not monitor Disk Integrity and Network
> Status, How can I monitor these Status on the server?
> Regards
> Tunc

Hi Tunc

HP provide 'HP Array Diagnostics Utility for Linux' RPM, they describe it as a Web based GUI but you actually get a command line version as well that reports status of the array and individual drives...

www.hp.com -> Support and Drivers -> Download software/drivers -> Search 'DL360 G*' -> Select 'Redhat...5' -> HP Array Diagnostics Utility for Linux

Thats what I use any, you could take it a step further and automate it with a shell script / cron job but I haven't get to that yet!

Not sure about the network, does the BlueOnyx monitor not do that?


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