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Chuck Tetlow chuck at tetlow.net
Wed Jul 15 17:41:16 PET 2009

Woops - you caught me Michael. 

I was looking in /var/log/httpd at the access_log and error_log.  I just missed putting the "httpd" in the entries a little while ago.  But the previous statement still stands - I can hit that site and its not logging in those access or error log files.

This was a BlueOnyx server that I reloaded - not BlueQuartz.  And I do remember seeing the cmuImport run that fix_user_UID_and_GID.pl script at the end of the cmuImport.  But it must not have fixed all problems.  I just ran those two scripts from the command-line and everything seems to be good now.  Thank you for that help.

I just tested the logging again.  While I click all over that site in a browser - nothing shows up in /var/log/httpd/access_log.  Nothing at all for the entire day except that one entry I showed earlier.  Same for the error_log - nothing for /home/.sites/143/site2 for today.

Do you know of anything that would stop the logging for one site?  I see entries for many other sites - this is the only one I know of that isn't loggin.

Thanks Michael.


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> Hi Chuck, 
> > There was nothing in the /var/log/access_log or /var/log/error_log for this 
> > site.   
> That's the wrong location. :o) 
> > And the only thing in the /home/sites/www.domain.com/logs is more 
> > than a day old.   
> Logging works like this: All recent events go into the logfiles under 
> /var/log/ 
> During the daily logrotate a cronjob splits the logs and rotates the necessary 
> bits and pieces into /home/sites/www.domain.com/logs/ 
> So you should have been able to see traffic going to that webpage by checking 
> ... 
> /var/log/httpd/access_log 
> ...or... 
> /var/log/httpd/error_log 
> > Worse - I can monitor all those log files while hitting 
> > the website with a browser and nothing shows up in the logs. 
> You're looking at the wrong files. See above. 
> > And while looking around, I found a file ownership problem.  The "log" 
> > directory under each site and the log files in it were all owned by a 
> > different site!  Yep, this was site2 and the log directory was owned by 
> > SITE5-logs.  Another site I just checked is site20 and the log directory is 
> > owned by SITE12-logs. 
> Yeah, earlier versions of CMU (from a couple of months ago) had the same issue 
> that the (stoock) BlueQuartz CMU still has: 
> The GID of SITEx-logs users is often set wrong on cmuImport. The current CMU 
> of BlueOnyx has that fixed. 
> However, sites you imported with an older version of CMU still may have the 
> wrong GID for their logfile users and the logfiles may be owned by the wrong 
> user. 
> To fix this (permanently) run the following two scripts from SSH (as "root") 
> once: 
> /usr/sausalito/sbin/user_gid_fix.pl 
> /usr/sausalito/sbin/fix_user_UID_and_GID.pl 
> That will repair those issues. 
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> With best regards 
> Michael Stauber 
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