[BlueOnyx:01733] Re: Logs & file ownership problems

Greg Kuhnert greg.kuhnert at theanchoragesylvania.com
Thu Jul 16 01:33:07 PET 2009

Hi Chuck.

Chuck Tetlow wrote:
> I knew it wasn't DNS - I control that too.  But it turns out that this 
> company I'm supporting has a new guy in house.  He fancies himself a 
> Cisco person too.  And he somehow got access to the main router.  He 
> made a mistake - and reloaded the router to get rid of the problem.  I 
> hadn't noticed the reload in the router logs today - and didn't know 
> that it had reloaded.  The routing for this site was changed a few 
> days ago, was not saved to permanent memory, and the reload changed 
> the routing for this site back to the old server.
Let me share a few Cisco commandments... two for him, and one for you :)

Cisco Commandment #1: Before thou reboots a router, thou must compare 
saved and running config for differences.
Cisco Commandment #2: If there are differences found in commandment 1, 
thou shoudst not reboot until thou verifies what they are and save if 
Cisco Commandment #3: Before thou logs off a router, thou should save 
changes once they are verified to be working!!!

Greg Kuhnert

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