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I'm wondering if anyone knows of a SIMPLE package to look after data for a
work group that could be installed as a package on a BlueOnyx box.


I do some work with members of a charity who need a better way to
collaborate.  Their management at the moment is a nightmare mainly because
data is everywhere and nowhere.


They need online solution (because they are in 3 offices within a 10 minute
drive of each other) that provides:


.         A good calendar (with reoccurring appointments; team and
individual calendars; and a booking calendar for buildings (meeting rooms).

.         Integrated email.

.         A document management system with online editing.

.         Group contacts manager

I'm quite happy to purchase a commercial package if it is simply and does
the job.


At the moment, Google Apps is looking good and may be the best option.  The
$50 USD per year per user is a little expensive for a volunteer


I've had a look at eGroupware and the community edition of Open-xchange both
of which appeared messy and complex for this particular user base.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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