[BlueOnyx:01773] Re: Workgroup Software for BlueOnyx

Kristian Eklund kristian.eklund at monostar.net
Sat Jul 18 12:44:00 PET 2009

> At the moment, Google Apps is looking good and may be the best option.  
> The $50 USD per year per user is a little expensive for a volunteer 
> organisation. 

I'm sure the cheapest you will find are either the Google Apps or 
Microsoft's BPOS. GroupWare systems you ask for (with document-editing 
capabilities) are extremely complex and frankly "noone" would give such 
project away for free (or too cheap)..

We sell hosted Sharepoint and Exchange-solutions, but they cost more 
than 50 USD per year, together. Microsoft's license-costs are high and 
only Microsoft get those for free..

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