[BlueOnyx:01797] Re: how-to CMU

Eiji Hamano (bluequartz) bluequartz at hypersys.ne.jp
Wed Jul 22 05:29:56 PET 2009

> Hi all,
> Where can I find stet-by-step command line how-to CMU from BQ to BO?

Hi Bart
I am waiting too the pages of "how-to CMU",  indeed.

Followings are my self-step-manual for CMU.
If you have a more good way (procedure), let me know. 

 0)  word meaning      ( because my English is poor )  

      Target server --->  You like to copy sites to.
      Source server --->  You like to copy sites from.
      Export Files  --->  Source Files for your migration. 

 1)  exec Export at Source server   (all sites or specific site) 

     # at Source server 

     >  /usr/sbin/cmuExport   
     >  /usr/sbin/cmuExport   -n   www.g-zin.com

     Then, you get "Export Files" at /home/cmu/YOUR-SEVER-NAME directry.

     Change mod for access from Target server. 

     >  chmod 777 /home/cmu/YOUR-SEVER-NAME     ;
     >  chmod 777 /home/cmu/YOUR-SEVER-NAME/*   ;

 2)  mget the Export Files from Target server   
     # at Target server

     >  mkdir  /tmp/Import ;    cd  /tmp/Import

     >  ftp    "Source server"
     >  admin   xxxx
     >  prompt
     >  mget   *
     >  quit

     >  ls     ( check the "Export Files" )

 3)  Stop the Source server or change IP address the Source site 
     The new exported sites will be created on next step 4).
     If an IP address duplicates between Target and Source server, 
     both servers fall in problem.   

 4)  exec Import at Target server 

     # at Target server
     >  /usr/sbin/cmuImport -d   /tmp/Import   q
         ( if passward required, Enter admin's of Target server )

     Then, you will find the sites at Target server.

 5)  restart sendmail  or  restart server  at Target server 

     Some time,  cmuImport cause "email problem". 
     I strongly recomennd  restart sendmail atleast.  

     # at Target server 

     >  /etc/init.d/sendmail  restart 

     Finsh !

Eiji Hamano

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