[BlueOnyx:01815] Re: PHP compiler cache on BX

Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet cobaltfacts at virtbiz.com
Thu Jul 23 21:35:20 PET 2009

Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet wrote:
> We have a customer on a dedicated BX box with a relatively busy
> WordPress site.   We have been working with the customer to optimize
> their site performance and one of the suggestions we've heard from some
> WP "gurus" is to install a PHP compiler cache such as APC or eAccelerator.
> I was curious to get some thoughts/feedback on that before we compiled
> it in.   Anybody have any experience to share?

FYI, eAccelerator actually does a halfway decent job of helping out with 
the load on the server.  But much more effective was the use of the Word 
Press plugin "WP Super Cache".   With all the tweaks we took a box that 
was running a load average that never fell below 4 (and would regularly 
hover in the double-digits) and now it only spikes above 1.00 when it 
has expired the cache.   Nominal is between .20 - .60 now.   That's 
certainly more manageable!

At any rate, this particular customer is now a happy camper.

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