[BlueOnyx:01849] Re: BlueOnyx Inxtall CD's

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Mon Jul 27 11:42:46 PET 2009

Hi Gerald, Chuck, Rodrigo.

> Is it possible to fix the installer such that it won't start untill there
> is some user action.
> Like maybe don't run, unless the 'Enter Key' is hit.
> I started writing a CD on a windows system,
> Then I had to leave before the write finished.
> When I returned my Windows PC was happily running CentOS + BlueOnyx.
> Needless to say all data on my Windiows drive was gone.
> I guess the Windows PC rebooted for some reason while I was gone and ran
> the CBO installer

Holy Moses. Guys, what are you doing there? :o)

Ok, this problem has two aspects: If you leave the disk in the drive and the 
BIOS is configured to boot off it automatically, then of course it'll boot off 
the CD during the next system start up. There is nothing we can do about that. 

OTOH: The anaconda installer used on the CDs indeed has a default timeout. If 
it gets to the boot menu and no key is pressed, it'll boot the default 
installer after some time. I don't even remember offhand how long the delay 
is. But the original CentOS, RedHat or BlueQuartz CD also do this.

I'll check if I can build a safeguard into this, but no promises.

But hey: An OS install CD is like a loaded and cocked gun. If you point it 
somewhere, it may do what it's designed for.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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