[BlueOnyx:01851] Re: BlueOnyx Inxtall CD's

Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet cobaltfacts at virtbiz.com
Mon Jul 27 11:57:18 PET 2009

Gerald Waugh wrote:
> Is it possible to fix the installer such that it won't start untill there is 
> some user action.
> Like maybe don't run, unless the 'Enter Key' is hit.
> I started writing a CD on a windows system,
> Then I had to leave before the write finished.
> When I returned my Windows PC was happily running CentOS + BlueOnyx.
> Needless to say all data on my Windiows drive was gone.
> I guess the Windows PC rebooted for some reason while I was gone and ran the 
> CBO installer

OUCH!!!!   Backup, backup, backup.   Aren't you glad you keep good backups?

I wonder how this would work - I believe the standard CentOS CD's will 
eventually time-out and just start booting as well (but of course they 
make a provision in the install procedure to prompt before formatting 
(among other things).

IIRC, the old BlueQuartz CD's would eventually continue with a boot and 
proceed to carpet-bomb the drive as well.

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