[BlueOnyx:01857] Re: Un-subscriptions...?

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Mon Jul 27 12:39:38 PET 2009

Hi Ralf,

> Well, looks like you haven't used any forum lately? <LOL>

I wish! :o)

I use several forums daily. Kinda have to <sigh>. Some use phpBB or some 
(where security is paramount and unauthorized access needs to be restricted 
with a lot of zeal) vBulletin. Yeah, in those you get a page that shows just 
the latest replies since the last visit. But still: It's involves more clicks 
and is a time waster.

Now time management is a department where I'm struggling anyway, hence with a 
forum my involvement in any aspects of it would be rather minimal.

> The main disadvantage is that you have a bit more of administrative
> duties than with a mailing list...

That, too. :o)

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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