[BlueOnyx:01873] Re: Un-subscriptions...?

Martin Jensen martin at dothost.dk
Tue Jul 28 17:17:24 PET 2009

Happy birthday Jeff.

I could not see any reason for a forum. And think that this list is just 
perfect - but now I see the flaw!!

Jeff Jones wrote:
> I have found one good reason for a forum!
> Today a large number of forums that I subscribe to emailed me to wish  
> me a happy birthday!
> Now where are all the happy birthdays from the BX list!!?!?!
> Seriously though - I think a WIKI would be the best overall solution.  
> I think there are many common problems, which can be published for  
> posterity, plus ongoing issues (such as Linux permissions) that seem  
> to come up time and time again.
> So lets bring on the WIKI!
> Lets just make sure it has a birthday function.
> (I'm 37 today)
> Jeff
> On 28 Jul 2009, at 22:30, Michael Stauber wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>>> Just to add a curve ball to the mix, how about a Wiki?  One of the
>>> strongest arguments to having a forum is the ability to make certain
>>> threads stand out, to cut up the information into sub groups or index
>>> the information in a way to make it easier to find.  If we have  
>>> users on
>>> this list that would help and participate on a forum then perhaps the
>>> first step is to get some of this commonality written down in a wiki?
>> Good idea. The BlueOnyx website runs on a CMS which is pretty easy  
>> to use and
>> which allows multiple levels of administration. If there are  
>> volunteers that
>> want want to help out with certain aspects of the webpage, then  
>> please let me
>> know what you have in mind and I'll set up the access.
>> -- 
>> With best regards
>> Michael Stauber
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