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Jeff Folk jefffolk at mac.com
Tue Jun 9 07:56:36 PET 2009

What he means by messy construction is...

Making a web request, a server needs the IP address for the name.  
CNAMEs forward the request to another name, requiring another DNS  
lookup, in this case yet another name, requiring a third DNS lookup.  
Use of A records instead of CNAME aliases for names keeps DNS traffic  
down and returns IP addresses quicker.


On Jun 9, 2009, at 5:20 AM, Richard Sidlin wrote:

> Thanks Tjerk. Not sure I understand the messy construction bit!  
> Should I remove A records do you mean? If I run the domain through www.dnsreport.com 
> , it doesn't seem to show the CNAME.
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> Shows up just fine?
> ;www.campsimcha.org.uk. IN A
> www.campsimcha.org.uk. 86400 IN CNAME campsimcha.tclhosting.co.uk.
> campsimcha.tclhosting.co.uk. 1440 IN CNAME chris.totallyplc.net.
> chris.totallyplc.net. 1440 IN A
> It’s a bit of a messy construction.. better link with an A record or  
> direct CNAME to chris.totall….

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