[BlueOnyx:01400] FTP issues

Alan Kline alan at snugglebunny.us
Mon Jun 15 19:02:51 PET 2009

I'm a newbie BX users, and returning after a long absence to 
command-line Linux. In the process of learning, I added "rpmforge" to my 
list of yum repos. I must not have done something right, as this 
morning's yum update changed quite a few packages.

yum "updated" phpMyAdmin from the Centos version to the el5 version, 
which caused phpMyAdmin to disappear from the BX GUI with a 404 error. 
Telling yum to uninstall, then reinstall phpMyAdmin fixed that.

The problem is getting ftp services to work properly. The FTP 
configuration page is missing from the BX GUI (also a 404). I was also 
receiving "connection refused" errors both from my FTP client on my home 
machine, and when logged into a ssh session as root. Uninstalling and 
reinstalling proftpd, then rebooting the server helped some--I can log 
in now from my home client (Filezilla) using sftp but not regular ftp, 
and I can log in with regular ftp from my ssh session. However, the GUI 
page for ftp is still AWOL.

Any suggestions?


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