[BlueOnyx:01404] ?Email Alias issues

Steve Davis steve at zio.com
Mon Jun 15 20:48:26 PET 2009

Thanks Chris,

There is not much issue with the alias database as there is with the  
virtusertable text file and then its virtusertable database.

This is where the corruption seems to be taking place.

the alias database holds userid and system level userids. They work  
fine with email.

I suspect some corruption where when CMU was importing the alias's  
into virtusertable and then compiling into virtusertable.db, which is  
where the corruption occurs.

Now I believe  the virtusertable is not the correct format and cannot  
be compiled correctly into virtusertable.db

Any recommends on what the correct format of the virtusertable is and  
how to compile it (Like newaliases for the alias database)

Thanks, Steve


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I've had that problem happen before once or twice on BQ.? Try this:

/sbin/service sendmail stop
/usr/bin/killall -9 sendmail
/sbin/service sendmail start

I've now run those anytime I do any migrations.? They should fix you  
right up.


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> I am having issues with e-mail addressed to alias's of e-mail  
> accounts. Email sent to the userid of the account arrives just fine.
> If I look at the /var/log/maillog ?I can see the email being  
> received by smtp, but not delivered to the destinaton account by the  
> MTA.
> Some years ago I had issues with domains transferred with CMU 2.53,  
> and i think this may be my issue.
> I recently moved some account from a Cobalt 550 with CMU 2.53 into  
> this BlueOnyx systems which is running a more recent version..
> Any suggestions on how to correct, or where to look to correct?
> Thanks, Steve
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