[BlueOnyx:01416] Re: ?Email Alias issues (Michael Stauber)

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Tue Jun 16 12:11:33 PET 2009

Hi Steve,

> Am I correct to surmise that the BO scripts also execute the makemap
> function. I notice after modifying an account in the BO interface the
> virtusertable.db and alias.db are updated.

Correct. The handlers do that whenever a user is added, deleted or modified.

> No alias email is delivered, most of the time bounces. All userid email is
> delivered.
> The virtusertable and alias files appear to have the correct format.
> Compiling them with hash and makemap produces no errors.
> So i am coming to the conculsion that the CMU import has destroyed the
> sendmail process.

I doubt that. CMU doesn't mess with Sendmail other than adding users and 

Are you by chance using CNAME records for your DNS? Because if you use CNAMES, 
the exact behaviour you described will happen:

Emails to username at domain.com go through, but emails to alias at domain.com 
cannot be resolved.

Sendmail can't cope well with CNAMES, which is one of the reasons why one 
shouldn't use CNAME records on mailservers - or on BlueOnyx in particular.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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