[BlueOnyx:01427] Re: Email Alias issues

Steve Davis steve at zio.com
Tue Jun 16 16:59:43 PET 2009

I may have found my issue, but do not know the resolutions

the sendmail.cf file does not contain the reference to 'local-host-names'

local-host-names is a file that BO updates with all the domain names the server accepts and sends mail for.

the reference in the sendmai.cf file is virthosts, which has zero bytes in it.

How do I fix?

I have unsuccessfully

1. edited the sendmail.mc file, and added 
  VIRTUSER_DOMAIN_FILE(`-o /etc/mail/virtual-host-names')dnl

2. stopped sendmail
 /etc/sbin/service sendmail stop

3. compiled sendmail.mc into sendmail.cf
 m4 sendmail.mc > sendmail.cf

4. looked to see my changes in sendmail.cf

5. started sendmail
 /etc/sbin/service sendmail start

no complaints from m4, but alias test emails' still bounce back with 
550 cuda_nsu 5.1.1 <<user unknown>

I am lost.


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