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Chuck Tetlow chuck at tetlow.net
Thu Jun 18 08:19:36 PET 2009

Old story - I've seen it dozens of times.

Its the same story with the authentication subsystem broken - probably because someone tried to hack in.  It happens everytime there is a strong hacking attempt on the BlueQuartz machines.  It breaks something between the network services that require authentication and the actual authentication subsystem.  They're both still running - but won't play together.

Use this script to fix it:

/sbin/service sendmail stop
/usr/bin/killall -9 sendmail
/sbin/service spamassassin stop
/sbin/service dovecot stop
/usr/bin/killall -9 pop3-login
/usr/bin/killall -9 dovecot-auth
/sbin/service dbrecover stop
/sbin/service auditd stop
rm -f /var/db/log*
/sbin/service auditd start
/sbin/service dbrecover start
/sbin/service saslauthd restart
/sbin/service dovecot start
/sbin/service spamassassin start
/sbin/service sendmail start

The only difference, if you've got some of the Nuonce packages installed - I add a line to also kill all MailScanner processes.  As you can see - that script will stop all services that need network authentication (except SSH).  It then restarts the authentication subsystems.  And finally - it restarts the network services.  I've saved that script in a directory under /root called /root/bin and named it fix-server.  That way, I can log in (only as admin and then "su -" to root) and run it when some scumbag tries to hack one of my servers.

Just remember - it has to be run as "root".  Even running as "admin" won't work - only root can do all those things.  But it will fix a broken BQ every time its been hacked at.  But if you're still having any problems - reboot!

Good luck.


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> Hi. Users credentials on a Blue Quartz (sorry if this is the wrong forum) fails. When you log in on the GUI it says You have not entered a correct username etc. The admin one works and if I try and change the password within the virtual site, although there are no errors, it still won't log in. POP3 for that user then fails etc.
> Is there a fix for this at all.
> Thanks
> Richard
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