[BlueOnyx:01454] Planned in Datacenter move

Charles Bowman charlesbowman at wknet.co.uk
Sat Jun 20 12:11:29 PET 2009

I have 2 beautiful BO servers, happily running in production for the last
few months.

But...we plan on moving datacenters and I have the following simple, yet
time-consuming plan:
1. Reduce the DNS TTL for all the Nameservers to 60 mins, 2 weeks before
2. On Server A & B, change *all* DNS records via GUI to point at the planned
new IP address - DO NOT UPDATE/Save yet = 2-8 hours.
3. On Server A & B, as root edit /etc/sysconfig/network, then update/save
DNS change via web GUI, restart machine = 1 hour.
4. Move machines to new datacenter - 7 hours.
5. Power the puppies up - 1 hour.

I have two questions:
1. What am I missing?
2. Is there an easy way to edit all the DNS, primary and secondary, as each
box only has 1 IP address?


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