[BlueOnyx:01460] Re: SSH Closes Connection

Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet cobaltfacts at virtbiz.com
Sun Jun 21 10:11:36 PET 2009

Richard Sidlin wrote:
> Hi
> When I connect to my server via SSH, it asks for the login as: and when 
> I type in the password, I get Server unexpectedly closed network 
> connect. Actaully, this is a Blue Quartz box. I have never had a problem 
> with this before. I have used two different usernames and both do the 
> same and I have tried accessing it from different machines and still the 
> same.
> Access to the admin GUI is fine. I have rebooted the server but this 
> made no difference.

You are certain that you are using the correct usr/pwd combo?

Here is what I would try on the chance that somebody has run passwd from 
the CLI:

1) Log into GUI as admin and go to Personal Profile, Account and set a 
new password.

2) Log into CLI as admin using the password you jus set from the GUI. 
That should let you in.

3) See if you can su - to root now using the same password.

That ought to work.   If it doesn't, I suppose you could always reboot 
the box into single user mode and reset the password that way.  If the 
box is in a remote datacenter you can have the datacenter staff help you 
with it or if they're like us, they can provide you with an IP-KVM so 
that you can reboot the box and watch it go through POST and GRUB so you 
can have virtual console access to it.

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