[BlueOnyx:01462] Re: SSH Closes Connection

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Sun Jun 21 14:14:30 PET 2009

Hi Richard,

>  I have changed the password but that makes no difference.
> It kicks the connection out as soon as you hit enter after entering the
> password. Once I get there tomorrow, what should I look at?
> As I mentioned, it's the same with telnet and SCP. Doesn't get as far as
> saying access denied or wrong password. One things that may have been an
> issue, we had a general problem with authentication last week and I
> followed the Nuonce procedure (as below). Do you think that that may have
> caused the problem?

Richard .... that procedure for converting from PAM to Shadow auth was for a 

Not BlueOnyx!

BlueOnyx uses Shadow authentication to begin with.

So what you did there pretty much caused your current authentication problems. 
Especially as the Shadow Auth used in BlueOnyx is slightly different than on 

The only chance to recover from this mess (short of a reinstall) is to reverse 
all the changes you made.

For that you'll have to do this:

1.) Boot the server off the BlueOnyx CD. 

2.)  At the BlueOnyx splash screen type in "rescue" to enter rescue mode. Or 
"linux rescue" if that doesn't work.

3.) Set your language and keyboard and choose to configure the network.

4.) If asked if you want to access your disks, choose the leftmost from the 
three options. Which should already be selected, so just hit return.

5.) Once you reach the command prompt, type "chroot /mnt/sysimage/" to chroot 
the filesystem on the HDs.

At that point you can access your data directly as if you'd be logged in to 
the problematic server as /root.

As first thing check if the directory /SYSTEM-BACKUP is still present. You 
created it when you ran the NuOnce procedure.

If it is, you need to copy all files from that directory back to the places 
where they came from.

That should almost get you going again, but you also need to fix the two files 
you edited, meaning:


Those changes need to be reverted as well.

If you have network configured in rescue mode, you could reinstall them from 
the RPM this way:

rpm -hUv --force --nodeps 

(All in one line)

If you managed to revert back all those changes you made, then you could try a 
reboot and see if it works. To do so simply type "/sbin/reboot" and be sure to 
eject the CD, too.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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