[BlueOnyx:01463] Re: SSH Closes Connection

Richard Sidlin richard at sidlin.co.uk
Sun Jun 21 18:08:30 PET 2009

Sorry Michael. I posted it on the wrong forum, it is a BlueQuartz. Any 
advice or shall I post on the correct forum?

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> Hi Richard,
>>  I have changed the password but that makes no difference.
>> It kicks the connection out as soon as you hit enter after entering the
>> password. Once I get there tomorrow, what should I look at?
>> As I mentioned, it's the same with telnet and SCP. Doesn't get as far as
>> saying access denied or wrong password. One things that may have been an
>> issue, we had a general problem with authentication last week and I
>> followed the Nuonce procedure (as below). Do you think that that may have
>> caused the problem?
> Richard .... that procedure for converting from PAM to Shadow auth was for 
> a
> Not BlueOnyx!
> BlueOnyx uses Shadow authentication to begin with.
> So what you did there pretty much caused your current authentication 
> problems.
> Especially as the Shadow Auth used in BlueOnyx is slightly different than 
> on
> BlueQuartz.
> The only chance to recover from this mess (short of a reinstall) is to 
> reverse
> all the changes you made.
> For that you'll have to do this:
> 1.) Boot the server off the BlueOnyx CD.
> 2.)  At the BlueOnyx splash screen type in "rescue" to enter rescue mode. 
> Or
> "linux rescue" if that doesn't work.
> 3.) Set your language and keyboard and choose to configure the network.
> 4.) If asked if you want to access your disks, choose the leftmost from 
> the
> three options. Which should already be selected, so just hit return.
> 5.) Once you reach the command prompt, type "chroot /mnt/sysimage/" to 
> chroot
> the filesystem on the HDs.
> At that point you can access your data directly as if you'd be logged in 
> to
> the problematic server as /root.
> As first thing check if the directory /SYSTEM-BACKUP is still present. You
> created it when you ran the NuOnce procedure.
> If it is, you need to copy all files from that directory back to the 
> places
> where they came from.
> That should almost get you going again, but you also need to fix the two 
> files
> you edited, meaning:
> /usr/sausalito/perl/Base/User.pm
> /usr/sausalito/perl/Base/Group.pm
> Those changes need to be reverted as well.
> If you have network configured in rescue mode, you could reinstall them 
> from
> the RPM this way:
> rpm -hUv --force --nodeps
> http://devel.blueonyx.it/pub/BlueOnyx/5106R/CentOS5/blueonyx/i386/RPMS/base-
> user-glue-1.2.0-0BQ24.centos5.noarch.rpm
> (All in one line)
> If you managed to revert back all those changes you made, then you could 
> try a
> reboot and see if it works. To do so simply type "/sbin/reboot" and be 
> sure to
> eject the CD, too.
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> With best regards
> Michael Stauber
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