[BlueOnyx:01465] Re: Automatically create users from a file

Manuel Bona mbona at svalero.es
Mon Jun 22 00:02:22 PET 2009

Some examples of these scripts?
I lost something and no where to start

Manuel Bona
mbona at vmgrupo.es

Michael Stauber escribió:
> Hi Manuel,
>> I need to create users automatically every hour from a file, as is done
>> from the control panel BlueOnyx in: *Site Management > User Management >
>> Import > Url*
> That is a bit unusual. 
> You could write a script that parses your textfile and then uses the 
> "/usr/sbin/cadduser" command to create the desired user(s).
> Here are the commands that the 5100R-shell-tools provide:
> /usr/sbin/cadduser
> /usr/sbin/caddvsite
> /usr/sbin/cdeluser
> /usr/sbin/cdelvsite
> /usr/sbin/clistuser
> /usr/sbin/clistvsite
> /usr/sbin/cmoduser
> /usr/sbin/cmodvsite
> They allow you to add / modify / delete sites and users from the command line.
>> You also need to remove users who have more than 6 months without access
>> to e-mail account.
> User logins to POP3, IMAP and SMTP is of course logged in /var/log/maillog and 
> /var/log/secure. But as those logs are rotated and packed frequently.
> So you'd have to set up a script that builds a list of users, parses the logs 
> at least once a day and builds a small database that keeps track of who logged 
> in when for the last time. Based on that you could then use /usr/sbin/cdeluser 
> to delete users that haven't logged in to email in the last six months.

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