[BlueOnyx:01470] Re: msi lcd drivers

Maurice de Laat mdlaat at muisnetwerken.nl
Mon Jun 22 16:12:33 PET 2009

Hi Gerald,

Late reply, I know....

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 09:58:05AM -0600, Gerald Waugh wrote:

> >Are there msi lcd drivers available for BO?

> Maurice,
> Not sure if this will work,
> Have you tried Michale's package that was used on BQ?
> Seems like it should work, as the LCD panel operates outside of the GUI
> I know we use the same rpms and setup on tyan with both BX and BQ
> http://fsn.raqware.com/MSI/BQ-5102R-MSI-LCD-Drivers-1.0.6-SOL1.pkg

Unfortunately, this doesn't work. When trying to add this package an error 
is produced:
"The solarspeed_net-MSILCD-v1.0.6 package was not installed because it was 
not created for this server appliance."

If anyone was succesful in adding these lcd drivers to a BO system, please 
let me know. Thanks.
Maurice de Laat

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