[BlueOnyx:01492] Re: HP DL380 G3

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at webtent.net
Wed Jun 24 15:39:49 PET 2009

On Wed, 2009-06-24 at 15:11 -0500, Gerald Waugh wrote:
> Darrell D. Mobley wrote
> > Thank you, now all I need to figure out is what kernel to use and if it 
> > will
> > see al 6GB or if I should just get 4GB.
> >
> You may need a kernel with Physical Address Extension (PAE)
> The PAE kernel's can address up to 64GB RAM
> kernel-PAE.i686
> I think you wrote xeon
> is it Intel Xeon or Intel Pentium 4 Xeon?


yum install kernel-PAE

That will generally load the kernel you need for a vanilla CentOS
server, just restart afterward. You may want to confirm with Michael or
someone on the list more knowledgeable about BlueOnyx or just test with
a new setup.


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