[BlueOnyx:01497] Re: CMU and site administrators

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Thu Jun 25 00:20:36 PET 2009

Hi Robert,

> Having an issue getting site administrators to come over when using
> cmuExport/Import 2.81. I see in the cmuImport man page to perhaps use
> the -s switch, but not working. But I also see that switch in the man
> page twice, also for session ID. Our workaround now is to remove site
> admin status for all users before cmuExport. Has anyone had this
> problem?

The -s switch is for server administrators or so called "Extra Admins". It is 
not related to siteAdmins.

Generally speaking: If you cmuImport onto BlueOnyx, then siteAdmin's will be 
imported just fine. Provided that your BlueOnyx is fully YUM updated. 

It doesn't even matter if the CMU dump was generated on a different platform 
or with whatever version of CMU.

On BlueQuartz that is a different story and there - indeed - siteAdmin's often 
don't get imported - regardless of which version of CMU you use.

As a work around (Only on BlueQuartz! NOT BlueOnyx!) edit this file prior to a 


In there find this section:

# check that this user has the privilege to do this..
# get info to see if i'm god.
if (!$Capability->allowedCaps(\%caps_being_added)) {

And comment it out. Then save the changes and do your cmuImport. When you're 
done, edit the file again and remove the comments.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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