[BlueOnyx:08375] Re: SL-6.1 5107R Yum Update output

Jeff Folk jfolk at qzoneinc.com
Sat Sep 3 09:14:04 PET 2011

On Sep 3, 2011, at 8:36 AM, Gerald Waugh wrote:
> I get these Yum Update output emails from root on a 5107R server
> they are blank and have an attachment "attachment.bin"
> Not sure what to do with a .bin file?

I get one, too. But the attachment has the name "Mail Attachment" (I'm using Apple Mail app). It is a Base 64 attachment? I think this is generated by the SL distro. I have turned off the automatic updated of BlueOnyx because I was getting all sorts of yum errors that there was already a yum process running.


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