[BlueOnyx:08393] Re: Bug with Site Prefix

Richard Morgan richard at morgan-web.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 14:45:41 PET 2011

Now I understand too.

Just a simple question: is it possible to have the site prefix longer than 
five characters?  I ask because I've always used a prefix but commonly made 
them more than five characters.  It would seem others have this query too.

Just a thought but what about ten characters... even eight would be nice? 
I've tried changing it myself, but I know it'll be undone with updates.

Thanks - it's a great feature even with five :o)

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> Hi Tobias,
>> on an fully uptodate BlueOnyx system I am able to use any number <= 5
>> digits as a custom "Site Prefix".
>> But I get an error when I try to add a user then, because its name
>> starts with a number...
> Ah, yes. While either site prefix or username may have numbers: The 
> resulting
> username must not start with a number. So if you use prefixes, the prefix 
> must
> not start with a number.
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