[BlueOnyx:08398] Re: Improvement Request - table lengths and site order

Roy Urick rurick at usa.net
Tue Sep 6 21:44:08 PET 2011

Thx for the update. Back in the day we bought a bright shiny new Raq550 
and migrated from our Raq4. Within 48 hours we turned our raq4 back on 
strictly for list support because the mailing list interface was an 
utter disaster.  unfortunately we are still running that raq4 to this 
day as we havent found another server that is as equally friendly in the 
UI.  :(

On 9/6/2011 8:00 PM, Michael Stauber wrote:
> Hi all,
> Regarding list sizes:
> Yeah, it's been a hot topic even back in the Cobalt days as noticeable in some
> code comments or docs. Back then the initial developers added it to their
> wish-list and eventually put it aside.
> Basically the table length is hard coded. It used to be 15 items, but was
> eventually increased to 25.
> Yes, ideally it should be configureable. Making it configureable is probably
> not that difficult on its own. I need to add a database field and make it
> editable in the GUI somewhere. Then the function that generates the tables
> needs to be extended to poll the database for the desired table length and
> we're almost there.
> Part of the problem there is that the function to generate these lists is used
> all over the place and then some. And there are ways to bypass the default
> table length when you create such a table. If a certain parameter is given,
> then that parameter is used as table length. If it is not given, the default
> 25 is used. Sadly some pages use "25" as length parameter, although that is
> already the default. So I'd have to go through each and any GUI page to find
> out where we use these tables and have to make sure that either no table
> length is given and the new database stored default is used, or that (if
> sensible) a hard coded value makes sense there and can be left as is.
> All in all: This would be desireable and sensible. But it's a lot of work and
> something that would have to wait until I have a bit more time.

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