[BlueOnyx:08401] Re: Bug with Site Prefix

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Wed Sep 7 10:03:07 PET 2011

Hi Richard,

> Just a simple question: is it possible to have the site prefix longer than 
> five characters?  I ask because I've always used a prefix but commonly
> made  them more than five characters.  It would seem others have this
> query too.
> Just a thought but what about ten characters... even eight would be nice? 
> I've tried changing it myself, but I know it'll be undone with updates.
> Thanks - it's a great feature even with five :o)

Just keep in mind: Usernames can only have a certain length. Like 32 
characters if I remember correctly. And the longer the site prefix is, the 
fewer remaining characters are left for the username part.

The length check for the prefix is done in this script:


# prefix must be no longer than five characters:
if (length($vsite_new->{prefix}) > 5) {
    $cce->bye('FAIL', '[[base-vsite.prefixTooLong]]');

I think that's the only place where it's checked, so you could modify that 
script to get around the limitation. Until the next update of base-vsite. ;o)

I think in the long haul we'll make this hard coded limit configureable 
alongside the number of items in a table.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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