[BlueOnyx:08414] shell access issue

Barry Mishkind barry at oldradio.com
Fri Sep 9 19:33:59 PET 2011

I am trying to resolve a secure shell access issue.
Until this past week, I've always been able to log into a secure shell from putty.
FTP is fine, email is fine.  I can log in to the secure shell as admin with
no trouble at all.  Just using my user name causes problems.

Login attempts to the secure shell receive:

xxxxxx at 208.xx.xxx.xx's password: 
Last login: Fri Sep  9 19:21:54 2011 from xxxxxx

Shell access is not permitted.

Connection to 208.xx.xxx.xx closed.

I have made no changes to the server settings, although my ISP has
installed WordPress on the server in the past week.  Is it possible
there is an interaction with WordPress ... or was there a YUM
update that might have caused something?   

Thanks in advance for your help

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