[BlueOnyx:08428] Re: shell access issue

Barry Mishkind barry at oldradio.com
Sun Sep 11 12:01:22 PET 2011

At 09:59 PM 9/9/2011, Michael Stauber wrote:
>Hi Barry,
>> Shell access is not permitted.
>You're probably not using "admin" to login by SSH, but some other user. And 
>that doesn't have shell access enabled.

        Thanks for the note, Michael,
        maybe I wasn't clear.

        Yes, I was using my normal user name, one that I have
        logged in via SSH almost every day for several years.
        Suddenly, I get "shell access is not permitted."
        Clearly, something has changed. 

        When I go on the BX GUI and bring up the user
        records, it only has three options:
        Site Admininstrator
        DNS Adminsitrator

        The first two are checked. 

        Under "Security" for the entire server, 
        Shell is enabled.

        Thanks again.   

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