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User Ernie ernie at info.eis.net.au
Mon Sep 12 05:01:07 PET 2011

Hi Michael,
still not making any headway on this issue. I have ruled out the disk space
shortage by increasing way beyond what is required, and I also tested it
with a fresh vsite will no data.

I have worked out that the problem occurs only when the vsite that is being
exported, has subdomains and has suPHP enabled. If I disable suPHP it works.

I have ruled out that it's not a 5107R import problem, as the same thing happens
when I try and import onto a clean 5106R installed server.

If you could point me to a log or debug proceedure to figure out what's

- Ernie.

> Hi Ernie,
> > Had this string of errors when running cmuImport on the 5107R server with
> > the Wordpress site that came from the 5016R server.
> That happens when the site or user in question was overquota on the source box 
> (where the cmuImport came from).
> Before you do a cmuExport, it is a good practice to run this two commands 
> first:
> /usr/sausalito/sbin/disk_restorequotas.pl
> swatch
> Then check under "Active Monitor" / "Disk" to see if there are any sites or 
> user which are using more disk quota than allowed to. If so, give them more 
> disk space untill all have a "green light" or at least a "yellow light".
> Then do the cmuExport.
> Otherwise this will happen:
> When the site or user account is created, CMU reads the XML file to see how 
> much diskspace the user was allowed to use. It then creates the site with that 
> much allowance. Once that's done, it tries to restore the tarball of that site 
> or user.
> However, if the tarball is for example contains 122MB of data and the site or 
> user only has a quota of 100MB, then the extraction of the tarball will fail 
> once 100MB of data have been extracted. That then results in the weird display 
> on the screen that you've noticed. Perl doesn't take it to gracefully when the 
> unpacking fails. 
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> With best regards
> Michael Stauber
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