[BlueOnyx:08481] Re: Japanese GUI Language still have some problem.

Ralf Quint Smoothwall at gmx.net
Thu Sep 15 23:41:36 PET 2011

At 08:40 PM 9/15/2011, Eiji Hamano wrote:

>But you began  "BlueOnyx News" suddenly.
>The "BlueOnyx News"  is the *proof * of  excepting people outside in the

Gosh, is that really that hard to understand?

Sorry, but first of all, English is THE IT language.

And you can not expect that this news feed is translated in real time 
in all possible languages.
This does not only apply to Japanese but Korean, Chinese, Thai, 
Sanskrit, Tagalog,  French, Spanish, Esperanto and whatever language 
is spoken all over the world.

Just like the blueonyx.it site is only in English, and that hasn't 
prevented you from installing BlueOnyx, now hasn't it?

That this effects your Japanese customers doesn't mean they are 
"excluded". Neither are Korean, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Filipino, 
French, Spaniards or any other users that are not native English 
speaker "excluded"...

And when you have problems with the Japanese translation of the 
BlueOnyx server web UI, then this is not because of anyone being 
"mean to Japanese", it is simply due to the fact that nobody able to 
read/write Japanese is willing to help with the translation and 
fixing problems in the distribution.
So instead of riding on this one issue, why don't you step up and 
provide some help with the Japanese translation as Michael apparently 
already asked you?

You need to realize that it is FAR more difficult for a "Gaijin" to 
learn Japanese than it would be in return for Japanese to learn 
English (or any other European language, maybe with the exception of 
Greek and those using Cyrillic writing). The former have not only to 
learn a new language itself but also one has to learn 3 different 
ways to write in Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana)...

(not a native English speaker myself)

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