[BlueOnyx:08487] MBR lost

Tobias Gablunsky t.gablunsky at cbxnet.de
Fri Sep 16 07:22:57 PET 2011

Hello list,

today we had a loss of power on one of our systems.

It is a fully patched BlueOnyx on software raid 1.

After power switched on again, the system tried to start again but did
not find a boot record on any of its harddisks (I tried it per BIOS
setup). I had to manually boot from a rescue disk and re-install the
boot record with grub. At the end of the now successful system start I
saw a message like (its not the exact message, just from my memory)
"writing sysconfig to harddisk 0"
"writing sysconfig to harddisk 1"

what I suspect to be the output of the process that is destroying the
boot records on my harddisks. Because I tested it with a second reboot
and reproduced the problem: the system did not find anything on its

Does somebody know the problem and maybe a solution?



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