[BlueOnyx:08523] Re: BlueOnyx 5108R released

Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet cobaltfacts at virtbiz.com
Mon Sep 19 18:22:12 PET 2011

Hi Michael,
Michael Stauber wrote:
> At the end of the install it shows the info that you can now remove the CD and 
> when you click on "Reboot", it'll unmount and will usually eject the CD. But 
> yeah, I also had a case where that didn't happen once. But that was an old box 
> with the usual server CD-ROM drive: A drive that you hardly ever use. Maybe 
> the grease on the slide out mechanism was dried in. ;o)
> When you see the "Reboot" prompt at the end of the install, you can actually 
> take the CD out or disconnect the USB drive without really waiting for it.

There is a bit of a danger here, since I have used many systems that 
will upon the boot process will pull in the CD drawer.  To that end, 
you're in trouble whether or not the CD ejects after install!

Of course, that only goes for the "powered" drives.  The tray-type that 
you have to manually push back in, not so big a problem.

Just wanted to put it out there - best to know what your machine will be 
doing if you cannot be there in person, or don't have someone you can 
trust to tend to it.

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