[BlueOnyx:08529] Re: sendmail restart

Christoph Schneeberger cschnee at box.telemedia.ch
Tue Sep 20 01:02:55 PET 2011

Michael Stauber wrote:
>> Just to let you know, its not from the last update it is there for well say
>> months or longer
> Yeah, we didn't make any changes recently which caused it, so it must have 
> been there for a while now.
Just to confirm, this happens upon every update on every vps, but
sendmail gets restarted by swatch after max 15min,  so I know only
because I have a bunch of nagios alerts in my box after every update
that wants to restart sendmail. It also happens pretty regulary after
modifications to sendmail in the GUI, then also it gets restarted by swatch.
It's been there since I remember, but as it is not a big deal, I never
bothered yet.

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