[BlueOnyx:08531] Multi-language-format in many Contril Pages, on BX all version

Eiji Hamano bluequartz at hypersys.ne.jp
Tue Sep 20 05:12:02 PET 2011

Hi  Michael Stauber

You said ;    >>  Help us and we will help you.

So, it's my turn.  Will you help me as following ?
Any one will be help me.  They are

1.   Recently the contents "software updates"  were all rewritten
      in the fixed English character format by you.

      It was multi-language-format for a long time, since Cobalt 550 !
      Would you back them?   Please tell me the present idea.

2.   I bought AV-SPAM5 with solarspeed.net in 2009.
      But recently the pages of AV-SPAM5 also changed
      from multi-language-format to fixed English character format.

      Is it related with you?

3.   BlueOnyx News:  Is there any feeling of adding a switch function?
      Please tell me the present idea.

Eiji Hamano

> Michael Stauber wrote:
> Hi Eiji Hamano,
>>>> Anyway, I sent the new translated Japanase files,
>>>> base-email.mo and base-email.po,  to Michael Stauber today.
> Many thanks! I just released updated base-email RPMs for 5106R, 5107R and
> 5108R that include your Japanese translation. Much appreciated!
>>>> I have more;
>>>> But since it is the thing translated only into my company,
>>>> it somewhat needs time to modify for sending to the list.
> Very well. I'd be happy to include them as well whenever you have the time 
> to
> send them to us. Many thanks again!
> -- 
> With best regards
> Michael Stauber

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