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Mark E. Levy mark at levysplace.us
Thu Sep 22 08:24:51 PET 2011

How do the Solorspeed or Compass kits work in the context of BlueOnyx? Would the new PHP only be applicable to the specific websites that need it? I assume that it couldn't be deployed system-wide due to GUI dependencies.

I'm also considering setting up a 5108R, principally for this new site, perhaps eventually as a migration target for the current server. Since I'm running in a VMware environment, it's pretty much a no-brainer...


Mark E. Levy wrote:
> Is it possible to update PHP to the latest or at least 5.2.4? We need it
> for WordPress.

BlueOnyx 5106R will be held at the upstream vendor's release (5.1.6).
That's a function of Red Hat Enterprise 5.x by way of CentOS 5.x.

Your solution would be to pick up a PHP upgrade package from either
Solarspeed or Compass Networks, either of which is inexpensive enough to
not have to think to much about.

BlueOnyx 5107R & 5108R are natively using PHP 5.3.x from RHEL 6 by way
of Scientific Linux 6.

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