[BlueOnyx:08569] Re: Subject line admin mail messages

Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet cobaltfacts at virtbiz.com
Thu Sep 22 23:58:49 PET 2011

Barry Mishkind wrote:
>         1. Where do I fix where root sends email?

"root" will redirect to "admin".

>         2. How do I redirect email to root?

See 1 above, so by default all of your "root" email should be winding up 
in your "admin" mbox.  You can have that forwarded per 3 below:

>         3. There does not appear to be an admin account
>                  in the BX GUI.  At least it is not in any
>                  of the domains on the virtual site list.

Right, admin isn't a domain user, but a site admin.  So log into 
BlueOnyx, click "Personal Profile" tab, and that's the user management 
for Admin.   If you want to have root/admin's email forwarded to another 
box, click on "Email" at left and then you'll see an "Email Forwarding" 
box.  Tick "Enable" to enable it and then give it an email address to 
forward to.  I don't recommend using "Save copy".

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