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Jeff Jones jeffrhysjones at mac.com
Mon Sep 26 09:31:42 PET 2011

Hi Colin,

Could I recommend you take a peak at Oracle VM - they have just released version 3.0.

It's free to download (full enterprise stack) - if you want updates you'll need to pay around £400 per year for a dual socket server. If you have servers with more than two sockets it's double. Might sound expensive but you can load 2TB (yes Terrabytes) of RAM into a OVM host and still not pay any more than the base £800 per year price there are no extras.

It's good for Linux and Windows, and runs XEN 4.0.

Oracle acquired Virtual Iron a few years ago, so much of the VI 'goodness' has finally ended up in OVM 3.0.



On 26 Sep 2011, at 15:22, Colin Jack wrote:

> Has anybody any experience running with XenServer?
> We install VMWare Sphere for clients but it is starting to look expensive.
> We use Aventurin{e} for our *nix servers but want to virtualise our MS servers.
> Colin
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