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Charles Bowman charlesbowman at wknet.co.uk
Mon Sep 26 14:56:01 PET 2011

Hi, good, the more the better.
MS provided this some time ago:
Do the following:

1.) Under "Network Services" / "MySQL" make sure that the line "MySQL
says: "MySQL connection possible with this settings."

If that is NOT the case, then make sure that MySQL is running AND that the
GUI knows your MySQL "root" password. If you have set a MySQL "root"
password, enter it into the respective fields on that GUI page.
If the GUI can connect to MySQL using that password, then the status
*should* read "MySQL connection possible with this settings."

If that's not possible, try to change the MySQL "root" password until the
status reads "MySQL connection possible with this settings.".

Michael Stauber


On 26 September 2011 20:45, Martyn Bailey <martyn at solis.co.uk> wrote:

> Crumbs, I've been subscribed to this list since 6th Jan 2009 - and
> this is the first time I've managed to get 'The Management' to allow
> me to migrate from Blue Quartz to Blue Onyx!
> Anyway, just installed BlueOnyx-5107R-SL-6.1-20110913 in one of
> our Dell Poweredge 1425s and I'd have to say (and so sorry to
> Hisao) it looks very good indeed.
> However, the downside is going to be that I've a reasonably steep
> learning curve to go through, and the first is that although enabled
> in Server Management > Netword Services, MySQLstatus is
> saying:
> "MySQL connection cannot be established. Check settings."
> So, this is mt first of many "I'm not really a clueless newbie,
> honest" queries - there will be many more to come, I assure you.
> Oh, Mr Stauber and BO Team - CHEERS!
> This is what Cobalt really should have developed into all those
> years ago.
> BTW - Michael Stauber, did you ever release MyDNS as a
> package for BO/BQ?
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