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> Crumbs, I've been subscribed to this list since 6th Jan 2009 - and
> this is the first time I've managed to get 'The Management' to allow
> me to migrate from Blue Quartz to Blue Onyx!
> Anyway, just installed BlueOnyx-5107R-SL-6.1-20110913 in one of
> our Dell Poweredge 1425s and I'd have to say (and so sorry to
> Hisao) it looks very good indeed.
> However, the downside is going to be that I've a reasonably steep
> learning curve to go through, and the first is that although enabled
> in Server Management > Netword Services, MySQLstatus is
> saying:
> "MySQL connection cannot be established. Check settings."
> So, this is mt first of many "I'm not really a clueless newbie,
> honest" queries - there will be many more to come, I assure you.
> Oh, Mr Stauber and BO Team - CHEERS!
> This is what Cobalt really should have developed into all those
> years ago.
> BTW - Michael Stauber, did you ever release MyDNS as a
> package for BO/BQ?
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Make sure you have set the MySQL password; I think you have to change it 
from nothing to some actual password.

I use MyDNS and it works well for mass updates since I can just use a MySQL 
query to do it all at once, like  where IP is this change it to that; then 
update serial number.

Ken Marcus

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